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GEMSTONE ChromoHance Colour Shampoo

GEMSTONE ChromoHance Colour Shampoo

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Shine bright with GEMSTONE.

This nourishing shampoo is for colour-treated hair as it contains a colour protection complex proven to keep your hue vibrant.

Ideal for: Preserving colour for up to ten washes.

How to Use: Apply to the middle of your hair and work through from roots to ends. Rinse.


90% Improved Detangling & Manageability
64% Less Breakage
97% Reduction of Frizz
64% Increase in Shine

Lychee Extract: Improves tensile strength and adds noticeable shine to strands. Protects against free radical damage.
Okra Seed Extract: Moisturizes hair and scalp and leaves hair feeling soft. Promotes optimal scalp environment. Smoothes the cuticle to keep hair frizz-free and shiny.
Vitamin E: Deeply conditions hair, adding lustre and shine. A natural antioxidant that protects hair from free radicals and protects the scalp from transepidermal water loss.
Sunflower Sprout Extract: A naturally derived extract with moisturizing properties. It tames frizz and adds instant shine and softness to hair.


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